About Us

Inspired by the vintage tastes of classic India, Pana foods and beverages was founded on the 28th of September 2019 With over three years of experience in business, we strive to continuously raise our benchmark by providing products of the highest quality and taste. Since our inception, we supply all over India , and have established a wide reputation for our exceptional range of consumable products. In order to cater to our internet shoppers, we have started this e-commerce portal, through which customers can buy their favorite products and get it delivered to their home.

An extensive collection of almonds, cashew nuts, organic jaggery powder , Raisins , honey and their combo adorn the colossal section of our world.With health food shops being the preferred destination to satisfy your unique gesture of gifting your family with good health, Pana foods and beverages has always been keen to provide its customers with an exceptional variety of its irresistible, nutritious and healthy choice of fresh health food gift products.

Pana foods and beverages cater to the connoisseurs of fine food and drink. If you are one who don’t mind shopping on the internet, well, that’s wonderful. Because now you can shop for Pana foods and beverages products online. Just browse through and buy honey , cashew nuts almonds , organic jaggery powder , Raisins etc. right here on this website

Our Management Team


Founder and CEO

Born from a humble societal background on 28th September, 1993 at coimbatore (DT) of Tamil Nadu , India .Mr.B.Sujeethkumar studied his primary and secondary education from almost six schools across India starting from trichy , Salem , coimbatore, Varanasi , and Namakkal He underwent his bachelor’s degree program in engineering at Sri shakthi institute of engineering and technology, Coimbatore. Then he pursued his master’s in Loyola institute of business administration, Chennai. Mr.B.Sujeethkumar visited gulf food Manufacturing Expo 2017 @Dubai, UAE during 31st oct to 2nd Nov 2017 and Starch expo , Shanghai,P.R. China during 19th to 21st June 2019



Mr.S.Bharath raj